5 Reasons Why Women are Panic Freezing

“Literally, the phone has been ringing nonstop,” the New York Post quoted Dr. Brian Levine, director of CCRM Fertility NY, as saying. “In the last five days, I’ve seen at least a 25% increase in volume of people wanting to proceed with treatment than any given time.”

Panic freezing

Firstly, are clinics really getting swamped?

“We have definitely seen a surge of questions, fears and concerns about the Coronavirus!” — Dr Meera Shah, NOVA IVF, Mountain View, California

So, why would the outbreak make someone want to freeze their eggs or sperm?

1. There are unanswered questions about how the virus could impact reproductive health and fertility

2. People are suddenly valuing their current health

You’ll certainly never be younger than you are today, and now, perhaps, some women wonder if they’ll never be healthier than they are today.

3. Quarantine, dating, and the ticking biological clock

4. Concerns about companies restricting egg freezing/fertility coverage

Not only that, but with companies closing factories, canceling conferences, and laying off workers, the fear of losing your job, or even, having a job to go to, are not entirely unfounded.

5. Feeling that ‘It might not be an ideal time to plan to bring a baby into the world…’

So, is coronavirus a reason to freeze your eggs?



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